Indian summer is at its sweltering high.The  mercury is shooting up.  We are in the midst of April and at the climax of  summer.  The scorching heat is taking heavy toll. Especially Pune city life is badly hit by the  hot summer waves and fumes emanated by the concrete jungles. It is becoming difficult to stay home and defy the heat.  This is when the families set out to on summer excursions to enjoy the fun of summer holidays at some naturally gifted place, where they can have much wanted respite from relentless beating of the Sun surrounded by thick forests  and naturally beautiful location nestled in the cusp of Panshet & Varasgaon dam backwaters.  This is the most ideal One day picnic spot for families, excellent place for school trips and picnics, summer holidays for children and a place for adventure sports for children  and kids.

Surya Shibir, the unique eco-friendly resort near Pune  guarantees exciting time for school children, where they can have fun and adventure during summer camp with lots of activities like horse riding, rock climbing, swimming, rappelling and  number of other adventure sports; bird watching and many more attractions. A summer camp for children is a thoughtfully designed activity which is carried out with great discipline and passion.  Even a one day trip at this beautiful brings great refreshing experience to families and children.   Summer holidays become more vivacious at this charming venue.  Most of the schools prefer to visit this place for short school trip / picnic and this is the most choice for families who are seeking real enjoyment during the family picnic.


Surya Shibir, the most exotic venue near Pune, on an hour’s drive from the city is gifted with natural beauty. Nature has favoured this place with abundant bio-diversity, colourful bird species, green valleys