Pune offers quite a few picnic spots where a family and friends can enjoy memorable weekends. Most exotic amongst them is ‘Surya Shibir’, an eco-friendly resort near on an hour’s drive from Pune. Tucked amidst breathtaking landscapes, close in the neighbourhood of picturesque Varasgaon Dam backwaters, Surya Shibir promises most enchanting stay for summer camp, kids camp for families and a group of school children.

The rolling green hills of this charming destination are rich with flora. These are natural habitat for number of colourful bird species. Naturally, this place also offers excellent opportunity to bird watchers, students of ornithology and nature lovers to spend hours on end in the company of vibrant nature, full of exquisite birds. The pleasant breeze wafting natural aroma, flowing across beautiful valleys and Varasgaon Dam backwaters makes your stay most romantic. Thrilling panoramic view around Surya Shibir is an ideal location for an adventure trek. Trekkers and mountain lovers can enjoy most adventurous and exciting moments here at Surya Shibir.

Surya Shibir is one of the most ideal picnic spots for families. This unique farm house resort guarantees completely safe and secured stay and entertainment opportunities for the families. Schools can plan their one day trip or a weekend trip on a large scale, as it offers plenty of opportunities for school children to appreciate real beauty of the nature and they can get acquainted with number of species of colourful birds. Schools are offered special discounts and facilities for their One day trip at Surya Shibir.

Step into the magnificent world of Surya Shibir, a farm house resort and get energised in fresh, pure and picturesque environs. Plan a one day trip or a weekend trip; you will surely get an experience of new dimension of life. You will also have lot of indoor and outdoor games to have real fun time. Spend the most beautiful moments of your life at swimming pool, at waterfalls or at surrounding valleys, resonating music of the nature. Take some rhythmic steps to enjoy rain dance with family members or enjoy water slides. Surya Shibir offers everything you ask for. Attractive and most affordable Package is on offer for families and school children, which includes delicious and delightful culinary menu, purely vegetarian, for lunch / dinner, variety of breakfast items, tea and coffee etc. This package comes to you @ Rs. 750/- per person on weekends, school / public holidays or on festive occasions. Package on other days is offered @ Rs. 700/-

Surya Shibir has a glamour and beauty of its own, simply matchless. Nature offers is most colourful display in abundance. City dwellers, tired of monotonous and gruelling routine deserve to spend most memorable moments at this picnic spots to rejuvenate themselves with new energy and enthusiasm.

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