Just on hours drive from Pune, in the cuddle of cool, tranquil and inviting backwaters of Varasgaon & Panshet Dams, Surya Shibir, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations, beckons you to spend wonderful weekends. This famous holiday spot near Pune is the gifted place, full of scenic treasure. Vivid shades of greenery, projecting colourful botanical varieties captivate our minds. Rich flora promises safe and wonderful habitat for many colourful bird species. Surya Shibir has further enhanced the beauty of this location by creating an aviary, where you will find fascinating species of exquisite birds.

Visit this eco-friendly resort to enjoy green hills. Take a stroll alongside the serene backwaters of Panshet through the beaten paths entwining jungles. Meander around at your leisure, to witness the rich biodiversity here and make your monsoon excursion most memorable. This famous local picnic spot near Pune assures most memorable moments of your pleasure. Savor the delicious varieties of pure, authentic Maharashtrian vegetarian cuisine and Jain food varieties. You will definitely have a very rich and rewarding experience.