Places to visit Near Pune

Forget long travels to visit expensive hill stations like Mahableshwar. Forget travel fatigue and forget the long time spent in traffic hassles. You have equally exotic location to enjoy, just on hour’s drive from Pune; The Surya Shibir. situated just about 50 kms. Away in the most magical environs of Varasgaon & Panshet Dam backwaters, Surya Shibir promises the most memorable weekend trip or a one day picnic with family and friends.

Nature has smiled with profound happiness and has gifted this place with abundant beauty. The serene environs are perennially green and fresh, like dew drops on the rose petals. Surya Shibir offers host of attractions to make your visit unbelievably memorable. This place near Pune also has number of other places to see. Take stroll at this naturally beautiful places to make your visit worthwhile.


•Sinhagad Fort:

Situated about 30-40 km. from Surya Shibir, Sinhagad is one of the most important forts in Maratha history. It has been the site of many important battles, most notably the battle of Sinhagad in 1670.

•Neelkantheshwar Temple

Just 15 km. away from Surya Shibir. Neelkantheshwar is a huge temple of Lord Shiva with hundreds of hindu mythological sculptures.

•Panshet Dam

10 km. from Surya Shibir. Panshet Dam, also called Tanajisagar Dam, is a dam on the Ambi river about 50 km southwest of Pune.


20 km : A city planned and exquisitely developed, on the principles of ‘New Urbanism’.

•Ancient temple of Goddess at Admal
•12 km from Surya Shibir. This is the most ancient temple in the vicinity, in village Admal in the neighbourhood.