Nature gives us everything in abundance. Nature has everything in profuse. It expresses itself more profoundly through wonders of biodiversity, which we fail to relish in day to day life because of rigors of monotonous city life. Our everyday routine in the city, takes heavy toll of our energies. Obviously we are completely drained out as far as our vigor and vitality is concerned.

But a small excursion or picnic recuperates our spirits. All we need to do is remain close to the nature. We need to connect ourselves with wonders of nature. We need to enjoy its colourful flora and fauna and spend our weekends in the charming company of nature. For Pune citizens fed-up with city humdrum, Surya Shibir offers excellent opportunity to refresh their energies and charm.

Surya Shibir is one of the most picturesque picnic spots just on hour’s drive from Pune. The nature has blessed this place with lot of biodiversity. Surya Shibir, surrounded by mountains and vallies is an ideal bird sanctuary where you can find hundreds of colourful bird species. This scenic picnic spot offers excellent opportunity for adventure sports. Come to enjoy all this and much more beyond words, at Surya Shibir. Surya Shibir provides exotic moments for families and corporate houses who wish to plan their get-together events, seminars, conferences or excursions to enjoy wonderful charm of the nature.